Vigilance Awareness Week to be observed from October 27"

Vigilance Awareness Week

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Head of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat made the respectability promise and vowed to observe the standard of law and perform assignments sincerely.

Furthermore, straightforwardly to check the start of the Vigilance Awareness Week on Tuesday.

Vigilance Awareness Week starts from today. And this week ends on 2nd November. Celebration of this week takes place by the Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) and Dredging Corporation of India Limited (DCIL). They both together celebrate and observe this day. Obeying the guidelines of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) are must for celebrating this week.

Reason for Celebrating Vigilance Awareness Week

Both of these organizations will indulge themselves in various activities. These activities will have a motive to create awareness. As per the details, awareness creation will take place among all the stakeholders, employees, and other citizens including youth also. The reason behind this day is to make people aware of ethical values. To make people know how important it is to work on ethics and have ethical values.

Advantage and Ways of Celebrating Vigilance Awareness Week

There are many advantages of celebrating Vigilance Awareness week. But one of them is that it will make people move on the path of honesty and integrity. As we all know how corruption is affecting our nation. And how important it is to eradicate corruption. So, this is also a step towards removing corruption from society. According to the news main focus, this week will be on internal activities. These activities include a lot of things. Some of them are land management, allotment of quarters, management of assets, clearing of complaints, etc. 

One unique way in which this week is celebrated is by taking a pledge. This means various people join together and take a pledge. This pledge is for integrity and is taken by officials and employees of both organizations. Also, college students join these officials virtually. And they also take an integrity pledge. 

As a part of this week, many activities will take place. Like employees of the organizations will have essay writing and quizzes too. And at the same time, PowerPoint presentations will also be there to create awareness. 

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Visakhapatnam Branch, has called upon general society to partake in the fight against degradation. 

In a declaration gave concerning the Vigilance Awareness Week, CBI SP Putta Vimaladitya said that public having any dissent about degradation in the Central government divisions, PSUs, Nationalized Banks, Government Insurance associations and information about the enthusiasm of pay off or hiding away of wealth disproportionate to known wellsprings of pay by laborers and specialists of above affiliations can contact the SP, CBI, Visakhapatnam up close and personal, by post or on telephone no. 0891-2783322 or on the correlative no. 1800 425 00 100 or by email: