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Vietnam- emerging new strengths of BPO world.


Vietnam is a fast emerging country of business process outsourcing or BPO world. India is still the world’s largest country in this industry. China is in second place and Philippines is ranked third.

But Vietnam count now takes place in 10 major countries of the BPO industry.

What is BPO? For saving money, companies of large and expensive countries send their back office work to the cheap countries. These include docs, data and call centers. Due to the wages and cheap wages in cheap countries, large companies send these tasks to these countries. This process is called Business Process Outsourcing.

Talking about the whole world, the industry or business is 280 billion dollars. America is the largest country to send such jobs to cheap countries. 65 percent of US jobs are sent to India.

According to a report in 2015, in India, the industry is about 30 billion dollars annually. In China, $ 24 billion and in Vietnam the industry hinges at $ 2 billion.

In this way Vietnam is far behind India. But for two reasons all eyes are focused on Vietnam. One is that the industry’s growth rate here is 20 percent annually and the second is that this country has chosen its own way and a separate market.

We went to the office of Digi Tex, the biggest BPO company in Vietnam to see the progress of this industry. In Bengaluru, we have seen such a large number of offices.

I thought this office could have been done in Bangalore too. The same atmosphere, the same enthusiasm and the same young energy.

The company’s owner is Frank Schellenberg of Germany. He opened this company in 2002.

He says, “Before opening the company, I visited India and many other countries, we felt that India is very progressive in the voice call center and young people here are masters in English. We thought we could not match India. ”

“So we focused on non-English-language documents. Because I am from Germany, I got work from German language companies.”

Big center of BPO
But what was the reason for Frank’s arrival in Vietnam?

He says, “Vietnam has little salary, less than China and India, second, that the government had announced a number of exemptions, the work was new, here the industry was not started. Agye.”

Vietnam’s BPO industry is different from India. Voice work in India is high, while more of documents in Vietnam.

Frank says, “Vietnam has now become a major center for BPO documents. In this industry 20 to 30 thousand people work today.”

Why make a favorite for back office in Vietnam?

The reasons for which India is the most preferred country in the BPO industry, the reasons are also present in Vietnam.

Like India, the population of the youth is also high. There is a political stability, the government is helping private companies to increase the industry by all means. Pay less than India and talk about infrastructure, it is better than India.

India’s dominance is low.

Vietnam’s rapidly growing steps are being heard in India’s BPO industry.

But experts say that both countries can work together but India can help Vietnam.

“Indian BPO is far ahead of Vietnam, there is no match between the two countries, both sides can work together,” says Subhash Kumar, an Indian businessman working in Ho Chi Minh City.