Victim girl of Hathras case died on Tuesday morning, protests going on in Delhi and Lucknow

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India has always been known for its beauty, culture, food, and many other things. But as we know a coin has two sides, India also is famous for all these things then at the same time it is also famous for things like increasing rapes, poverty, discrimination, and whatnot. The cases of rapes are rising at such a pace that despite awareness amongst youth people are engaging in these bad practices.

The girl who was of only 19 of age was raped recently so brutally that despite being admitted to such a well-known hospital, she was unable to survive. After these many days, on the morning of Tuesday, the family members of this girl when they were praying for her recovery were informed by her father that she is no more. As a human, it always occurs in mind when we read such news that doesn’t these people have a heart? don’t they have a family? how can these rapists cause such harm to a family and such a young girl who had her whole life ahead of her?

This girl was fighting for her life in the Safdargunj hospital for about 15 days after which on Tuesday it was reported and informed by the doctors that she is no more. This girl was a Dalit girl and was raped brutally by 4 men of the upper caste in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. After this rape, she was admitted to Aligarh Hospital because her tongue was badly slit by the rapists, her spinal cord was injured badly, her neck was injured badly too, she was paralyzed in all the four limbs that a human has. And the day before her death she was moved from Aligarh Hospital to Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital.

Her death’s cause has been reported as cardiac arrest. According to a senior doctor at Safdarjung Hospital on Tuesday at 5:30 AM she had a cardiac arrest after which she was not able to survive and at 6:15 AM she was declared dead.

According to ADG, Law, and Order of UP Police, all the rapists including Sandeep who was of age 20, Ravi who is the uncle of Sandeep and is of age 35, Ramu who is the friend of Sandeep, and Luv Kush who is also the friend of Sandeep are under arrest on the charges of murder, gangrape, and SC/ST Act.

After she was declared dead, it didn’t take much time to be all over the media and social networking sites. And protestors were there in front of the Safdarjung Hospital. Also, the chief of Bhim Army Chandrashekhar Azad went to meet the father of the girl and at the same time, Congress workers are holding protests in Delhi and Lucknow. The family of the girl took the body of the girl back to Hathras and police helped them by making the road clear to the family’s village.

Hanging tight for the body of the youngster, the most youthful of her five kids, at their Hathras home, the lady’s mom cried that she wasn’t ready to be with her in her last minutes. “I met her last a couple of days prior… She said she needed to return home, missed her nephews and nieces… Since she had recaptured awareness, I figured she would endure.”

The adolescent’s folks and two siblings function as homestead workers, while her two sisters are hitched and live in different towns. “I need them to be freely hanged… What have they done to my little girl, my family?” cried the mother.

The family had an almost two-decade-old contest with Sandeep’s family. Of the 600-odd families in the town, almost half are Thakur. Brahmins make up another 100, with just 15-odd families Dalit, according to area authorities.

The 19-year-old was brought into the world the exact year as Sandeep’s granddad was reserved under the SC/ST Act and served three months in jail for purportedly whipping the casualty’s granddad over a trivial issue. The mother asserts that the adolescent grew up mindful of their “status”, never blending with the upper positions.

Of the five kin, just the two siblings went to class. The mother said the three young ladies went to class for just a year or two. “The school is far away… It was hazardous,” she said.

The adolescent minded her own business, and was the nearest to her sister-in-law, said the family. “Everybody went to the fields to work, and both of us remained at home. She was attached to making mehndi, drawing rangolis,” said the sister-in-law, a mother of three.

Locals review a modest young person who was generally observed heading off to the ranch to gather feed for their animals with her mom — like on the day she was attacked

Local people said with Sandeep’s family claiming a decent measure of land, he stuck around not doing a lot. The family’s house was bolted on Tuesday. “Sandeep makes inconvenience however nobody truly says anything… He beverages, and we have seen him, badger ladies. Everybody is terrified of the family,” said a resident, on the state of namelessness.

In her announcement to the police, the lady had said Sandeep had been bugging her for six-seven months. Her sister-in-law stated, “We had seen an adjustment in her conduct. She appeared to be frightened, reluctant to leave the house, even to where our bovines are kept… But she didn’t open up concerning why she was terrified.”

A sibling said as of late, she had quit heading off to the nearby market too, however, she cherished purchasing bangles and hair extras. He included that they knew they couldn’t aim for things the upper stations could. “Perhaps she was frightened of these men. She was unable to have a typical existence like different young ladies, couldn’t go to business sectors and eateries.”

On September 14 morning, the youngster and her mom had gone to a field close by to cut grass for their dairy animals, when the 19-year-old disappeared. The four blamed supposedly hauled her into the fields, unnoticed by the mother, who is nearly deaf. She found her lying canvassed in blood only 100 meters away.

Hathras DM Praveen Kumar, stated, “On September 14, we enlisted an instance of endeavor to kill and under the SC/ST Act on the protest of the casualty’s sibling. Afterward, the lady informed the police concerning the assault. We will take the case to a most optimized plan of attack court.”