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Vice Presidential debate: Kamala Harris-Mike Pence clashes on the Covid-19 vaccine, Harris said – I will not take corona vaccine if Trump says to take it

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There was a debate for the post of Vice President in America and the Democratic Party debated between Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris and Republican candidate Mike Pence in Salt Lake City. Kamala Harris, meanwhile, attacked President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence fiercely.

During the debate, both the candidates lashed out at each other over a wide range of issues. The debate became very important after President Trump’s corona was infected. The debate was moderated by journalist Suzanne Page.

A glass shield was created between the two candidates in view of the corona infection. Social distance was taken care of between the candidates and Suzanne. At the same time, the corona test was conducted for all the spectators involved in this debate, after which admission was given. During the debate, all the people put on masks and were seen sitting away from each other. The debate lasted 90 minutes and was divided into separate issues and sections.

During the debate, Kamala Harris said that President Donald Trump was informed about the nature of the epidemic that it is very deadly. Despite this, they still have no action plan to deal with it. While Joe Biden has plans.
Harris surrounds Pence on Coronavirus

Debate moderator Suzanne Page put the coronavirus epidemic as the first issue. He asked what the Biden administration would do to deal with the epidemic that could not trump? In response, Kamala Harris said, Corona was rumoured on behalf of the president. Information about the epidemic was hidden and they no longer have a concrete plan to deal with it.

Harris said the American people have seen what is the biggest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country. Frontline workers were treated as workers. Trump consistently reduced the severity of the virus and discouraged people from wearing masks.

At the same time, Pence defended the administration’s response, saying that the president’s footsteps in the early days of the epidemic saved lives. The Vice President said, when you say that the work that the American people have done in the last eight months has been of no avail, it is a dissatisfaction with the sacrifices made by the American people.

He said the reality is that what Dr Fauci told the President in the Oval Office, he told the American people. The Trump government formed a task force and took all the necessary steps. At that time all flights between Sino-US were cancelled, while there were only five cases of infection in the country.

Kamala Harris called these claims false and said that all the trump administration plans failed, due to which two lakh Americans lost their lives. At the same time, Pence said that to say that nothing has been done in America is an insult to all those people of America who worked hard to deal with it. He said that 20 million Americans would have lost their lives if concrete steps had not been taken.

Both candidates clashed on the Corona vaccine
Suzanne Page questioned both candidates about the corona vaccine. To this, Kamala Harris said, I will not get it done even if President Trump asks to get it vaccinated. But if this advice is given by the doctors, then I will get the vaccine. I can’t trust Trump’s point at all. “People’s trust in the Trump administration has been lost,” he said. This is the reason why there is hesitation among people about the vaccine.

At the same time, Pence said, you are also doing politics on the vaccine issue. What message are we giving to people? Stop politics It is a matter of people’s life. He said, there should be no politics about people’s lives and it is wrong not to trust the vaccine. The United States will deliver the vaccine to people in ‘record time’.

Here is the reaction of the candidates on health, economy and tax
Suzanne Page asked both candidates whether the two would make public health records public? In response, Kamala Harris said that she is in favour of making all documents related to health and tax public. She attacked Trump, saying that Trump was the first president in history to not make public the tax returns. She said that when I came to know that Trump had paid $ 750 tax, I felt that he had paid $ 7.5 lakh tax, but was later told that only $ 750 was given as tax.

At the same time, Mike Pence said that President Trump has given jobs to thousands and all the information related to his income is available for people to see. It is utterly unfair to accuse Trump of this.

On the issue of the economy, Kamala Harris said, “During Barack Obama’s tenure, we brought the Obama Care Bill.” It benefited 20 million American citizens. Health index of America improved. Now your government is going to close it. Your move will increase the pressure on the economy. Who will take responsibility for this?

On this, Pence said that the plan that Biden has about the economy is going to surrender to China. You have a plan to kneel before China. Trump has said they will reduce the tax. The average income of a family of 4 people is 4 thousand dollars annually. This was because we reduced taxes.

Both leaders expressed their opinion on China issue
Suzanne questioned both the candidates about China and asked what is their opinion about China? In response, Mike Pence said, China is completely responsible for the coronavirus epidemic because it hid important information related to it.

He said Trump stood in front of China. Travelling to and from China was banned, and Biden opposed the decision. Kamala Harris’s party came out against it. Does the Democratic Party not believe that only China is behind the spread of the Coronavirus?

At the same time, Kamala Harris said, many people died in America due to deteriorating relations with China. In your era, America has lost the trade war with China. Farmers are going bankrupt. We have reached a period of recession in terms of manufacturing. There was a shortage of jobs in the country.

He said the President has lost the trade war with China. It is estimated that by the end of Trump’s tenure of administration, the number of jobs will have gone, as no other president had left before. Many people in America are unable to understand how they will pay their rent.

Kamala Harris said the leaders of our allied countries say they have more trust in Xi Jinping than Trump. Mike Pence responded that Joe Biden was acting ‘like a cheerleader of communist China’ and did nothing about jobs.
Who said what on the issue of security and extremism?

Kamala Harris alleged that the US supported the ‘dictators of the world’ leaving allied countries. He said Trump had “given preference to Russian President Putin more than allies in terms of intelligence.” Harris said pulling Trump out of the nuclear deal has made America less secure.

At the same time, Pence said that the US fulfilled its promise on the issue of Israel and shifted the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He said America has also contributed more to NATO than before. The Trump administration has also managed to deal with extremist groups like IS better. In Iran, we killed General Sulaimani. He was a threat to us.

What will happen if Trump refuses to step down
Suzanne Page asked what would be done if Trump refused to step down peacefully after losing the election? In response Pence said, “I think we will win the election.” However, when asked if Trump will refuse to accept his defeat, what will be his role? Pence said that as far as the election results are concerned, let me tell you that your party has been trying to reverse the previous election results for three and a half years.

At the same time, Kamala Harris said, the American public trusts him and Biden. He said that one of the main reasons behind Joe Biden’s election was that he was saddened by the hatred and segregation spread over the last four years. Kamala Harris told people to please vote.