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Venezuela: The government has completely blocked the border from Colombia.

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The Venezuelan government has completely shut down its border with Colombia, alleging that Venezuela’s alleged sovereignty was threatened by Colombia. The plan of the opposition was to bring international cooperation to Caracas from here.

According to the news agency, this step was lifted Friday night after President Nicolas Maduro ordered to end contact with Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao and stopped the border from Brazil to prevent entry of aid there. Vice President Delcy Rodriguez tweeted, “The government tells the public that after trying to create serious and illegal threats by Colombia against Venezuelan peace and sovereignty, the government will temporarily complete the Simone Biden, the Santander and the Union Brijes Has decided to close. ‘

He said that the Colombian government of Ivan Duque is working against the right to live in Venezuela’s peace and sovereignty on the order of US President Donald Trump. He said that the border will be opened after getting control over the violent incidents on the border. According to Caracas, violence on the border is getting Bogota.