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Uttarakhand in a horrifying state. Devastating tragedy in the state of Uttarakhand.

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While the rest of the world is battling Coronavirus pandemic and swarms of the desert locust, the state of Uttarakhand has been reeling under the effects of another devastating tragedy.
For the past four days, the state of Uttarakhand has been burning up as rampant wildfires break out in different regions of Uttarakhand.

The state of Uttarakhand has always been prone to forest fires due to the increase in temperatures every year. A total of 46 instances of wildfire has been reported this year. This has affected over 51.34 hectares of forest land in the state putting to danger the wildlife species residing in the forests.
There were approximately 21 instances of forest fires reported from the Kumaon region of the state alone. This region is the worst-hit area in the state of Uttarakhand.
Garhwal region reported 16 wildfires and the forest reserve witnessed around 9instances.

Several residents were distressed about the flora and fauna gutted by the rampant wildfire in the state. Not only did the residents of Uttarakhand tweet or post videos and photographs of the wildfires with hashtag #PrayForUttarakhand but also people from all over India gave their support to the state. #PrayForUttarakhand soon became the most trending topic on the platform on the 27th of May 2020, Wednesday.
The heatwave in North India is making matters even worse. Due to this, the affected regions of Uttarakhand are known to be the hottest on the planet.
The heat is accelerating the forest fires and the acres of green cover have been destroyed by the raging wildfire.

The super hot, boiling hot winds in the region has become a serious bone of contention for a number of animals and other living beings. All the wildlife animals are struggling hard to stay alive as sources of water are drying up.
According to the government, this year may not be the worst year for wildfires as intermittent rains and high moisture levels have helped in preventing such destructive instances.
“Forest fires have come down a lot this season. Partly due to less anthropogenic activity and partly due to rains,” the Press information bureau said in a tweet.

Although devastating, these wildfires take place every year due to rising temperatures. The state recorded 1590 wildfire cases till the 25th of May last year.
Meanwhile, on the pandemic front, thirty-two people tested positive for COVID-19 in the state of Uttarakhand on the 25th of May 2020, Monday. The total number of coronavirus positive cases in Uttarakhand is 349 according to the officials.

The number of active cases thus stand at 284 while 58 patients have been discharged after their recovery so far, said a state Health department bulletin.
With the extended lockdown in place, authorities are now being extra cautious and careful in the firefighting mission so as to not endanger the frontline workers or the locals.