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Usain Bolt loses $12 million in a financial scam 

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Usain Bolt, a retired Olympic sprinting champion, is said to have lost millions of dollars from his Stocks & Securities Limited investment account. Authorities in Jamaica are currently conducting an inquiry after it was alleged that the sprinter had lost more than $12.7 million.

A copy of the letter Gordon submitted to Stocks & Securities Limited requesting the money’s return was released by Gordon to the Associated Press on Wednesday. Gordon informed the organisation that Bolt’s bank account originally showed a balance of $12.8 million but now only shows a balance of $12,000. In the letter, Bolt’s counsel stated. If the money is not returned within 10 days, they vowed to take civil and criminal action. An inquiry for comments was not immediately answered by Stocks & Securities Limited.

The business has instructed customers to contact Jamaica’s Financial Services Commission, which is looking into the business, with any urgent inquiries, according to its website. It wrote, “We recognise that clients are eager to learn more, and we promise you that we are closely monitoring the case throughout all necessary procedures and will advise our clients of the conclusion as soon as that information is available.”

The business has stated that several of its clients may be missing millions of dollars and that it detected the theft earlier this month. Usain St. Leo Bolt, who was born on August 21, 1986, made Olympic history in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 by winning the “Triple Triple,” or three gold medals in three consecutive Olympics.

Usain’s rise to fame began at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, where he set all-time records in the 100-, 200-, and 4×100-meter races. Usain won eleven World T&F Championships championships in addition to his nine gold medals from the Olympic Games. Due to his speed, he has earned the moniker “Lightning Bolt.” Usain Bolt retired in 2017 after winning numerous awards.