Why is the USA screwed up the whole world on Jerusalem?


As the US ambassador to the UN headquarters in New York, Nicky Haley had warned in the beginning, “Those who are not supported by us, we are taking their name.”

The new Trump administration openly expressed its opposition to the ‘behavior’ of this international organization about Israel. The United States alleges that the UN discriminated with Israel.

The Trump Administration has opposed the proposal of the Security Council passed during President Barack Obama’s rule in which Israeli settlements were said to be a violation of international laws.

Voting in the United Nations

Now Nicky Haley has made it clear that things are going differently. About a year later, 193 member countries of the United Nations have started to understand this, which Nikki Haley had cleared on the first day.

Niki Haley has written a letter to dozens of countries after voting in the United Nations General Assembly against the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving it to the American Embassy there.

In the letter, Nicky Haley has written, “The president and the USA have taken this vote privately and Donald Trump has asked us to report on the countries that vote for us.”

Attitude of trump administration

Nicky Haley did not stop here. He wrote on Twitter, “We have always been asked to do more and give in the United Nations. Therefore, when we decide to move our embassy according to the wishes of the American people, we do not expect those We have helped, that’s what we aim to target. ”

President Trump looks happy with the work of his vocal ambassador. The Trump Administration has cleared that the United Nations General Assembly will cut the American aid to the countries supporting the proposal against the United States.

Any kind of debate on Jerusalem always becomes turbulent and noisy, but what will change with the passing of such a proposal which there is no restriction to implement. But the threat of Trump and Ambassador Nicky Haley has given America’s Foreign policy a further chance to critics.

Opposing proposal
“It was a good opportunity for diplomats to console themselves before Christmas,” says Richard Goan, a UN expert. “Trump administration has got an opportunity to show his disrespect to the United Nations, so many countries have to show their respect to trump Dislike it. ”

In the United Nations General Assembly, many countries have termed the action of blackmail as blackmailing. In the end, there was a long list in the hands of Nicky Haley, which had 128 countries. These countries supported the proposal against the United States and Israel. Only nine countries had opposed the proposal.

Only Guatemala, Honduras, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauro, Togo and Palau collaborated with USA and Israel. But America’s allies like Britain, Japan and France also ignored the warning of the Trump administration and supported the proposal.

American diplomacy
François Delatter, the French ambassador, said that this proposal only confirms the existing regulations on international laws and Jerusalem.

According to a senior diplomat, these proposals were reversed in the case of some countries. Like Canada’s example. Canada was initially going to vote in opposition to this proposal, but unhappy with American attitude, she changed her vote.

Richard Gowan says, “America did not work diplomatically, Nikki was in good company with other ambassadors, and his attempts to weigh it on the scales of loyalty.” America was badly going to lose. Could have worked from them but perhaps they might have been under pressure from the White House. ”

EU claims

But an American spokeswoman told the story of a different story in the vicinity. He said, “It is clear that many countries have prioritized their relationship with us on the issue of an illegal attempt to circumvent America, and that too on a decision that is our sovereign right.”

On the other hand, there were very little results of the US pressure.

A senior European diplomat expressed concern that the European Union did not put its side in Thursday’s debate. The EU wants to show itself as a political entity, but some European countries such as Hungary and the Czech Republic remain away from voting.

Emergency meeting
In reality, more countries than expected did not participate in voting. The total number of such countries was 35. Among them, America’s southern neighboring Mexico was also one.

Mexico’s ambassador Juan Gómez Cameco said, “Mexico does not believe that any one-sided decision on Jerusalem is going to be helpful in the ongoing peace process. Neither do we consider it useful, nor do we consider it necessary. The emergency meeting of the General Assembly should be convened on this. ”

Ukraine was also included in countries that were away from voting. Earlier on Monday, the United States vetoed a resolution supported by Ukraine in the Security Council. Recently, Ukraine has signed an arms deal with the United States.

In the meanwhile, President Trump’s interest is more visible in sending messages to the political masses rather than diplomats in the United Nations.

The sentence is not clear
Trump supporters love their harsh style. By adopting a strict attitude, the Trump Administration wants its supporters to give the message that the US is not going to bend in front of criticism.

Many diplomats in the United States believe that Nicky Haley is paying much attention to his political ambitions rather than the US relations with the UN. The situation is still unclear whether America will take action against those who support the proposal.

But those countries who opposed the proposal, or did not take part in voting or participate in it, Nikki Haley thanked her for her friendship with the United States.