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US will send more than 1,000 soldiers to Afghanistan.

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Washington, US is planning to send 1,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan soon According to senior US military officials, there were already 14 thousand soldiers in Afghanistan, now there is a thousand soldiers ready to send

PM Modi has appreciated America’s contribution in Afghanistan last year. He said, “In any country of any country, no contribution has been made in Afghanistan as much as the US has done.” According to a report in the Washington Post, officials of the Trump administration say that the US President took this statement seriously, that Modi’s statement for him was one way evidence of how the rest of the world sees the US.

American officials said that Trump has been influenced by the Indian Prime Minister and his style of speaking that when he used to tell about Modi’s statement, his style was exactly like PM Modi. Although Pentagon officials are under pressure to stop the growing number of soldiers, but perhaps due to the statement of PM Modi, the US is taking this step. Under this, American investment also increases. An official said that with the help of additional US troops or consultants, 80 percent of the population in the next two years will be controlled by the Afghan army and the police forces.

However, US Defense Secretary Jim Matisz has not signed the proposal yet to send additional troops to Afghanistan. This proposal is part of a comprehensive proposal to strengthen Afghan forces, which should defeat the Taliban in the coming time. In fact, the US has started working on a new strategy to deal with terrorists in Afghanistan. Under this, deployment of US Army New Combat Advisory teams is being done. They will be sent to Afghanistan in areas where attacks are more and where it is difficult to reach

Earlier, the Obama administration had begun the process of calling the country’s homeland to Afghanistan, though statistics show that the number of troops in Trump’s one-year term has increased. This has been argued for the struggle to grow. The number of American soldiers deployed in Afghanistan during Donald Trump’s reign has increased from 8,500 to 14,000.