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US will prepare space force, Donald Trump said – this is a national security related problem.

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Washington, So far you have seen the Space Force in movies or video games but now it is going to become reality. Equipped with modern weapons and technology, the US has begun preparations for potential war in space. American President Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to prepare a separate ‘Space Force’. The President has described the space as a national security issue. He said that he does not want China, Russia or any other country to lead us.

The new US space force will be the sixth branch of the US Army, which will increase the domination of space in space. During the third meeting of the National Space Council, Trump said, “I am ordering the Ministry of Defense to immediately start the process for the formation of the Space Force as the sixth branch of the Armed Forces.”

He further said that the Space Force will be different from the Air Force but different. The American president said, “When America comes to safety, our only presence in space is not enough, America should dominate the space.” It is being said that the purpose of this modern space force of America will be to ensure that space is used for peaceful purposes.

With this special force space war in the US, ready to be ready for any potential war in space. It will also be used in monitoring after CounterSpace Operations and Military Training Mission. It is reported that under the US Air Force Branch, military space operations will have complete control of the US space command.

Trump has said that America will also be in the role of leader in remote space. He said that he also wants to extend the country’s space program. It is noteworthy that in the past two decades, the interference of many countries has increased in space and the dominance of Russia and the US has diminished. In spite of increasing challenges in space, the US is now working on a new strategy. Trump has also said that soon America will again reach the moon and Mars.