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US warring ‘Secret war’ against Yemen rebels for Saudi Arabia.

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Washington, The US military had kept distance from Yemen’s civil war for many years, where security forces are fighting with rebels under the leadership of Saudi Arabia. There is no direct threat to the US from these rebels, but at the end of last year, the American Special Forces (Green Berrates) troop reached the border with Saudi Arabia as the Secret War.

There was no public discussion or debate on this decision by the US. Now the army commandos are helping to find the launches of the rebels in the launch sites of the Baltic missiles and destroy them, which are being used to attack Riyadh or other cities of Saudi Arabia. People do not know much about the Green Beat Operation. According to the New York Times report, American and European officials provided important information about this.

This information is very different from the earlier statements of the Pentagon that the US Army is providing limited support to the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen – such as helping to fill fuels in the airline, logistics and sharing general intelligence information. Although it is not known now whether the American commandos have stepped on the land of Yemen under this secret mission. Clearly, the US Ground Forces has to be present on the border to increase the Western aid in the war against the fighters.

Hamer Senator Kim Kane, member of the Armed Services Committee, told the Green Berets mission that trains, missions and combats are not clear enough. They have also demanded the new Congressional vote to allow the use of the military force. Let us tell you that the Civil War is going on in al-Qaeda’s Yemen in 2014, when Shia Muslim rebels raided the capital Sanaa. Hutti rebels are getting support from Iran, who ousted the government of President Mansur Hadi from power. The special thing is that in Yemen, Hadi was the main partner in America’s campaign against terrorism.