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US warns again India on S-400 deal from Russia.

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The Trump Administration is once again trying to stop India from dealing with the S-400 missile defense system with Russia. The US says that this decision will not be in the interest of India in the long term. This will have an impact on India’s strategic partnership. PM Modi and Trump may meet during the G-20 conference in Osaka before the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to India.

US Assistant Secretary of State Alice Wells said that countries in South Asia themselves have to choose where they will buy weapons. He said that according to the agreements, more weaponry should be purchased from the US but India is going to buy S-400 missile defense system from Russia.

He said that the purpose of this government is to help India’s defense deals and in terms of defense deal, America is India’s largest ally. He said that deal with Russia will impact our cooperation. Explain that the US also offered India to buy the Patriot-3 missile from the S-400. The Trump Administration has indicated that it wants to sell Terminal High Altitude Area Defense and Patriot-3 to Delhi.

Explain that after a comprehensive discussion between President Putin and PM Modi, a $ 5-billion agreement has been signed, including the purchase of the S-400 defense system. The consequence of the S-400 missile defense system deal can also come in the form of US sanctions, as the administration has also indicated signs of reducing cooperation. Russia has long been an ally of India, and in this case, it can not be done to bring sourness in relationships by canceling the deal.