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US: Visa racket busted of ‘pay to stay’, many foreigners including Indians, will be sent back to their country.

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After the ‘pay to stay’ visa racket has been busted in the US, many foreigners including Indians have been hanged on their back. Officials have arrested eight masterminds and about 100 students for the help of at least 600 migrants for helping to stay illegally in the country.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department (ICE) arrested eight alleged masterminds and about 100 students in the late night and early raid. All of them are Indian nationals or Indian Americans. They are accused of allowing foreign nationals to join a fake university in Farmington Hills, Detroit and help them illegally settle in the US.

The special investigation agent of Homeland Security, under a secret mission, was running the university from Detroit, whose conspirators did not even know it. There was a lot of confusion in this university’s website, especially in the context of the filing of the information. In addition, ICE started taking custody of foreign students of this fake university and started the process of sending them to their country.

An ICE official told that most of the people arrested have been Indian. The official said, “Special agents of the ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations have arrested eight people under criminal charges under investigation of possible violation of the US student visa system.” Six of them were detracted from the Detroit area while the other two were arrested from Virginia and Florida. According to the suit filed in a local court on Wednesday, these eight people have helped at least 600 people to be illegally in the United States.