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US: Understand, what’s the shutdown, what will happen next?

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Washington, For the second time in five years the U.S. government’s work was formally closed on Saturday due to the dismissal of the bill by the U.S. Senate. Explain that this crisis was born in a time when Donald Trump completed his first year as President.

What is shutdown
In America, the Anti-Definition Act is applicable. Under this, the lack of money in the United States, federal agencies have to stop their work, i.e. employees are sent on leave. They are not paid even during this period. In this situation, the government brings the federal budget, which is necessary in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. In the current situation, it is estimated that more than eight lakh federal employees will be absent. Only emergency services will remain open.

Had to face it before
In America’s economic history it has to face many times. Shortly before October 2013, the situation of shutdown was created when Democrats were in power in government and Barack Obama was president. The shutdown lasted for 16 days and 8 lakh employees had to sit home during this time. Earlier, during 1981, 1984, 1990 and 1995-96, the US had no money left to spend. The shutdown was run for 21 days in the period 1995-96, which ended on January 6, 1996.

Current situation
Due to the crisis that took place during the completion of the year of taking oath, President Trump had to escape the celebration and cancel the holidays. His full time spent in the Oval office when he was trying to deal with the Senate leader Minority Chuck Schumer to allow the government to run. When he expected the deal to look impaired, he repeated that it would be held responsible for the Democrats. Here, the director of the budget management office, Mik Mulwani, told the reporters that efforts are being made to be less effective than the ban on 2013. Mulwani said that the army will still work, patrols will still be on the border, fire brigade will still work and park will be open. But in all these cases people will not be paid. This is the first time in recent history when the shutdown has happened in a time when both Houses – House of Representatives and Senate and even White House are also controlled by the same party.