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US Supreme Court justified the travel bans of against Muslim countries.

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Washington, The Supreme Court of America has justified the travel ban imposed by President Donald Trump on Muslim majority countries. It is believed to be a major victory of the Trump Administration. Trump has tweeted and given the information, he has expressed his re-write ‘Wow’. The Supreme Court Tuesday overturned the lower court verdict by 5-4.

It was criticized by Trump’s Travel Bans as an illegal ban against Muslims. After this decision of the Supreme Court, this dispute is now considered to be over. Let me tell you that the lower court had banned Trump’s decision in September last year. The Supreme Court said that the challenger failed to prove that this ban violates the American Amendment Act or the first amendment of the American Constitution on giving a governmental preference to another religion on one religion.

In the case Chief Justice John Roberts said that the government proved it adequately justified on the basis of national security. He further said that the Supreme Court has no idea about this policy on its own. This decision has confirmed the president’s discretion on entering the US. This means that the current restrictions can continue and Trump can add some countries to it. Trump has said that there is a need for a policy to protect the country against attacks by Islamic terrorists.

Let me tell you that Trump had announced the travel bans in September last year. Under this, most people coming from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen were barred from entering the US. Human rights organizations strongly criticized this decision by Trump. Those who challenge it were arguing that this policy was inspired by the hostility of trumpets against the Muslims. He told the court that he also took cognizance of the statements of Trump’s provocative statements which he had given in 2016 during the campaign for presidential elections.