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US said in a new security policy, India is an emerging global power.

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Washington: In a new US National Security Strategy (NSS) describing India as an emerging global power, the Donald Trump Administration has said that this will strengthen America’s strategic partnership with India and to maintain security in the Indo-Pacific region. Supports the contribution of India’s leadership capability. The 68-page NSS document says that America will increase cooperation with Japan, Australia and India.

President Donald Trump released the National Security Strategy on Tuesday. The security strategy said, “We welcome the emergence of India as a strong strategist and defense partner in the form of global power.” The NSS said, “We will enhance defense and security cooperation with India’s big defense partner, India. We support India’s growing relations in the region. ” Indo-US defense relation has been discussed in the context of India-Pacific region. In this area, the US has assigned important work to India in southern and central Asia.

The White House on this security policy says it will set a positive strategic direction for the US, which will lead to the strengthening of the American growth in the world.
According to the NSS, “We will strengthen our strategic partnership with India and will support India’s leadership role in the Indian Ocean Security and the entire border region.” In view of China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the US administration said that keeping in view the growing influence of China in the region, it will help South Asian countries to maintain their ‘sovereignty’.

NSS said, “We will help South Asian countries to maintain their sovereignty because China is increasing its influence in this area.” India had opposed CPE as it passed through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.