US ready to ‘attack’ North Korea!

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The United States has made full preparations to attack North Korea and during this time, it has made a special plan to take its nuclear weapons in its safe hands. The United States has recently reviewed the situation that nuclear weapons can be protected by ‘ground attack’ on North Korea. The Washington Post has published a news story on Saturday.

According to the news, the United States is also worried that Pyongyang can also use biological and chemical weapons during the war. This news came at a time when US President Donald Trump is on a tour of Asia and North Korea is on top of his agenda.

According to the Washington Post report, in a letter sent to MPs, the Pentagon has made a full mention of the preparations for responding to North Korea’s attack. It is reported in the report that if Pyongyang used nuclear weapons, what would be the next step in the US?

It is clear that the US has also started preparing for ‘final option’ to deal with North Korea. Please tell you that Rear Admiral Michael J., Deputy Director of the Pentagon’s Joint Staff. Dumont wrote this letter. Earlier, several MPs of both the Houses sought information from North Korea for the assessment of possible casualties during the war.