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US President Trump’s ‘abusive’ remarks over African country, said – withdraw the statement and apologize.

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United Nations: A group of African countries, “highly disappointed” by the statement of US President Donald Trump, has today demanded that Trump withdraw his statement and apologize. Significantly, Trump expressed disappointment over the efforts of some American lawmakers to protect Haiti and immigrants from African countries, asking why the Americans should accept the citizens of these ” dirty ” (shitohol) countries.

After an emergency session to consider Trump’s comments, a group of African ambassadors in the United States said that they are worried about the attitude of the American administration towards the continent and condemning the people of Africa and its people. In a statement, Trump has withdrawn the remarks and sought an apology saying that the group is very disappointed and strongly condemns the hate speech of the President of America’s hateful, racist and other people.

At the same time, the group expressed gratitude to the American people who criticized these comments. In a tweet, Trump revoked it in a tweet about what was said to reduce the indignation born in the country and abroad.