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US Pacific Command commander told China ‘destructive power’.

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New Delhi, Admiral Harry Harris, the commander of the American Pacific Command, described China as “destructive power” in the Indian Pacific region, referring to sea-related disputes in South China Sea on Thursday. He said that when China claims the water sector on which the nations of the Southeast Asian Association (ASEAN) claim a claim, then how much of this organization will be Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Harris said these things somewhere during the ‘Raisina Dialogue’ Harris said, “According to me, China is a destructive transformative force in the Hind Pacific.” The United States criticized China for increasing military expertise in South China Sea and construction of artificial islands and said that it could affect marine activities. Along with this, Harris said that China’s movements have created turbulence in countries like Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia.

He said, “To keep the Indian Ocean and the Hind-Pacific Ocean free and happy, we have to take tough decisions.” Along with this, Harris included North Korea and terrorism besides other threats in the region besides China. He also said that he can also join China if he is in favor of keeping South China Sea calm and safe.