Cold in America,Cold in Laddakh, winter, ice , snow falling

In the US, the minus 35 degree Celsius recorded, the minus 30 degree Celsius even in Ladakh.

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New Delhi: North India is not only breaking records in North America. In many areas of the US, the temperature has dropped to minus 35 degrees Celsius due to cold storm Grayon. If it is included in the effect of cold air which is called ‘wind chill’ factor, then it is feeling cold and even horrible. The condition in America’s East Coast and the Midwest is the worst, where in many areas the air coming from the polar Arctic has disrupted life. These areas include Vermont, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Maine and New Hampshire. The cold storm has become so cold with the effect of Grayson that it is also being called a bomb cyclone.

Due to the cold winter, the famous Niagara waterfall has also been frozen. Here the temperature has dropped to minus 23 degrees. Located on the US and Canada border, visitors from all over the world come to see this waterfall, but these days it is not lacking for those who come to see it accumulated.

According to the Meteorological Department, the winter is so terrible at some intervals of some years. Some such cold was also lying in February 2015. In these circumstances people are advised to take special precautions to avoid winter. Due to snowfall, electricity has become a problem in thousands of homes. Thousands of airlines have to cancel. Knowers are now discussing what is the role of climate change in such a deserted winter season. And if so how much.

At the same time, due to snowfall in Ladakh in India, the contact with the area is cut off from the rest of the country along the way. Here the temperature has decreased by minus 20 to minus 30 degrees. In many places the rivers have become free. In some places, snowflakes are flowing like this on the rivers. Water pipe has exploded in many places. Pipes and tubes are being heated to fire so that ice melts and water.