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The US military is preparing the war with North Korea quietly.

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Washington, Given the growing challenges of North Korea, the American army has started preparing for a war as a last resort. Army and officials are preparing for war in all peaceful ways. Although he hopes that it will not work, America wants to be ready to deal with every possible situation on its behalf. Tensions were increased after the mouth attack between the leaders of the two countries increased. In such a way, America has become cautious.

Last month, America’s Apache attack helicopter and Chinook cargo choppers conducted maneuvers at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. During this time, it was practiced that when the shells were being fired at the time of the war, how to move troops and equipment safely. Two days later, 119 soldiers of the 82th Airborne Division of the Army in the sky of Niwada practiced jumping with the help of parachute from C-17 Military Cargo Plains. The special thing is that in the dark night, soldiers used this practice to land on foreign soil.

Over the next several US Army posts next month, more than 1000 reserve soldiers will practice how soldiers should be gathered in one place in an emergency, so that they can move to foreign countries in less time. Not only that, in the beginning of next month, the Winter Olympics in South Korea are starting. In this way, the Pentagon is planning to send more special operations to the Korean Peninsula.

Initiative to create a task force in Korea?

The Pentagon’s plan to send more soldiers to the Korean region is being considered as a step taken under the US’s old policy. Some officials say that in the end, America wants to make Korea-based task force similar to Iraq and Syria. However, some officials say that this step should be seen only by adding to the campaign against terrorism.

By the way, every officer is always ready for an emergency plan in the US military. This is an important part of the defense department’s training, but the timing of the recent practice is important. The United States wants to focus on its military preparedness, which will be dealt with better than any threat from North Korea.

Preparing to complete mission in less time

Defense Secretary Jim Matisse and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunnford, both insist on using diplomacy to deal with Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions. In August, Matisse had said that the outcome of the war with North Korea would be very frightening. Recently, two dozen current and former officials of the Pentagon said in interviews that these exercises show that it is preparing for the military to move on Mattis’s order, in order to carry out any military action in the Korean Peninsula in a short time.

The recent statement of US President Donald Trump is very important. It has also received a clear message from Army officers and soldiers that they need to speed up the emergency plan. During his address to the United Nations in September, the American President Trump had made a clear warning that if the threat to the country was born then it would completely destroy North Korea. At the same time he also called the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to ‘Rocket Man’. However, while replying, Kim told Trump mental patient.