America,missile attack alert in America

In the US, the message of missile attack came on mobile phones.

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In the US air province, missile alert alarms were issued in error, after which there was a confusions of confusion, however later the officials called it a wrong message. An emergency alert on all people’s mobile phones at around 8:30 pm local time, “The danger of ballistic missile in Hawaii. Find an immediate shelter site. It’s not a drill. ”

Ten minutes after the release of this warning, the Air Emergency Management Engineer tweeted, “There is no missile threat on air.” Second emergency alert was taken at eight o’clock 45 minutes.

The alert said, “There is no warning or threat to the missile on Hawaii provinces. It was a false warning. “After this, the US Pacific Command issued a statement separately and said there were no missile threats on air and the earlier warning had been issued by mistake. At the same time, White House Deputy Press Secretary Lindsey Walters said that President Donald Trump has been told about the emergency management practice of Hawaii.