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US Foreign Minister Pompeo is tough on Pakistan.

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Washington,US President Donald Trump recently removed his Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson and appointed CIA director Mike Pompeo as new Foreign Minister. Trump’s sudden decision surprised everyone, but this step is being considered as a big step from Pakistan’s point of view. Indeed, Mike Pompeo’s attitude towards Pakistan is quite tight. In January this year, Pompeo had reprimanded Pakistan, saying that if he did not eliminate terrorism then the United States would be forced to take its own step.

Tough for pakistan
The US has always reprimanded Pakistan on terrorism. Trump had announced in the beginning of the year (2018) that Pakistan will not be given any kind of help until it destroys the terror of its own terror. After this Trump had also stopped other security related help besides the military help given to Pakistan. Tillerson had a soft attitude on Trump’s decision. In spite of the challenge of dismantling terrorism in Pakistan, Pakistan’s ears will not cross the lash and terror groups such as the Jamaat-ud-Dawah are restless. The donor of the terrorist organization Hafiz Saeed has now got entry into politics too.

Pompeo favored South Asia policy
Not only Pakistan but also the soft attitude of Tillerson about South Asia policy and Afghanistan. America wanted to strengthen the policy of expanding India’s role in Afghanistan. Not only that, India has been an important part of America’s South Asia policy. Through this policy, the United States had tried to give this message to Pakistan that it has now become weak.

New hope for India
India’s hopes have increased as Pompeo became the Foreign Minister. Significantly, America and India are always united with regard to terrorism. India has been a part of America’s many policies. It is hoped that Pompeo’s attitude would be more stringent on Pakistan.