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US destroys anti-China terrorists in Afghanistan.

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Kabul, US security forces in Afghanistan have taken action against anti-China terrorists. It is believed that the US has taken this initiative to improve relations with China. Recently China had also said that Western countries should help in resolving the problem of terrorism in its Xinjiang Province. Not only that, China also expressed the desire to partition its province.

In the northern state of Afghanistan, the US attacked and destroyed the Taliban training camps. In these camps, in addition to the active militants in Afghanistan, the boys of East Turkistan Islamic Movement, active in the border areas of China and Tajikistan, were being trained. The NATO-led mission in Afghanistan issued this information on Thursday by releasing a press release.

Nato said, “These attacks attempted to signal that Afghanistan is not a safe haven of terrorists, from where they can operate terrorist activities in other countries.” Forces did not provide detailed information about their operations and killed terrorists. Although it definitely said that the terrorists of the Turkistan Islamic Movement were involved in the attacks inside and outside China. Apart from this, the terrorists of this organization had also conspired to attack the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan in 2002.

Taliban used to help these terrorists

The Force said, “These terrorists were a threat to China and they got support from the Taliban operating in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan.” The majority of fighters involved in this militant organization belong to the Uighur Muslims of Turkey’s Chinese-speaking Shinjian. China has been saying for a long time that the active terrorist organization in Afghanistan has been causing the furor in the border.

The result of interference in Islam is terror in China?
Hundreds of people have died due to fury in Xinjiang in the past several years. PEICING says that there is bloodshed due to Islamic terrorists and separatists. On the other hand, terrorist organizations say that this reaction of his actions against Islam has been done. Significantly, the United States, Britain and the United Nations have included the East Turkestan Islamic Movement in the list of prohibited organizations.