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Why did the US believe that India has emerged as a super power?

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New Delhi: After World War II, America has recognized India as the ‘global power’ or ‘global power’ for the first time. Recently, US President Donald Trump, while announcing his new national security policy, said that India has emerged as a global power in the world. So far, it was said about India that it is the regional power of South Asia, but if the truth is said, America would never give importance to India. But for the first time, the US has admitted that India has changed completely and it should be considered as a global power in every condition.

US and India relations
Looking back, it seems that after the end of World War II and during the Cold War, America’s attitude was always against India. Actually, the British had given India freedom but they could not compromise the fact that India is no longer its slave country. So arbitrarily, they divided India. After World War II, America emerged as an omnipotent country. Encouraged him to take Pakistan’s side and bother India. The same thing happened. The United States harassed India and fed up with the security council and elsewhere in Pakistan.

When the world was divided into two camps

During the Cold War, the world was divided into two camps. One was headed by America and the second was Soviet Russia. During this time, India had rendered ‘Non-alignment Policy’, which was tricked by the United States. America used to say that this non-alignment policy is non-zero. In fact, India is a hug of Soviet Russia. India gave such a number of proofs when it was said that it had made equal distances from Russia and the United States, but America was not ready to accept this. In the 50’s, the US equipped Pakistan with the latest weapons and provided a lot of financial support to it. India repeatedly said that it will use the weapons and money to help Pakistan against India. But the US repeatedly convinced India that this help is helping US Pakistan against China and Russia.

Battle of 1965 – India, Pakistan and America
When the 1965 Indo-Pak war took place, it proved that Pakistan had invaded India with the latest American weapons. It is a different matter that the brave soldiers of India, who gave their reply to Pakistan, gave up six of their sixes. The Indian army went very far within Pakistan. But after explaining to Russia, India compromised with Pakistan and returned the living area. Unfortunately, in this agreement, the then prime minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri, died unexpectedly. But during this agreement, Pakistan had promised that it will never get any war against India. Pakistan soon retired from its point of view and since then it has started terrorist activities against India. India repeatedly used to explain to the US that Pakistan, which is its ally, has adopted hostile attitude against India. But the United States was not ready to accept it. When Bangladesh war broke out in 1971, with the intention of threatening India, the US had sent its fleet of warships to the Gulf of Bengal, but when it came to know that India is a very strong country against Pakistan, Withdrew the fleet From then on, America’s attitude and sympathy remained with Pakistan.

Changes in Indo-US relations
A pleasant change occurred in the relations between India and America, when John F. Kennedy became President of the United States, but after his untimely death, relations between the two countries began to worsen. Significant changes in relations came when Barack Obama became President of the United States and extended his friendship with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. Both became friendly friends and felt that there would be a great change in the relations between India and America. But when Donald Trump became President of the United States, people in India feared that their attitude might not be very friendly towards India. But with the efforts of the Indian Prime Minister, India’s relations with the United States began to improve and Trump agreed that the terrorists are troubling India. He warned Pakistan in the National Security Policy that terrorist activities are taking place against India from its land. If it is not stopped instantly, Pakistan will have to bear its brunt. He also said that if this attitude has not changed, then America will not help Pakistan.

America against China

In his defense policy, Trump strongly criticized China’s expansionist policy and said that India, Australia, Japan and America will together meet China’s expansionist policy. The manner in which China is displaying its grandfathers in the South China Sea was also criticized and said that America will not tolerate such kind of grandfatherry of China, due to which sovereignty of many countries is being ablated. India has strongly opposed Pakistan’s ‘One Belt One Road’. Because it comes out of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir, which India considers its share. When the US told Pakistan that he arrested the mastermind of Mumbai attack Mind Hafiz Saeed, then Pakistan was stunned. He did not say anything to the US, but Pakistan’s National Security Adviser Lieutenant General Naseer Khan gave up the threat of nuclear war in India and Pakistan. Whatever threats Pakistan gives, it is now clear that it will be stronger with the US.