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US: Attack on another Sikh within a week, spitting on the face.

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New York, In California, two unknown persons in the United States attacked a Sikh man 71 and spit on them. Within a week, this is the second attack on a community member, which has raised concerns about the incidents of hate crimes in the country.

In a CCTV camera, it appears that Sahib Singh Nut is strolling along a road in Manteca, California. At the same time two people came to him on the other side. The footage shows that Nut stops seeing both people and both of them start talking to them. After this, they go ahead but Singh constantly follow them and talk to them.

After a brief mouth fight, a person wearing a black hood suddenly kicked him in his stomach and the elderly fell on the road and his turban opened. They tried to stand up and defend themselves, but the person again kicked him in his stomach. Nut fell down on the road, after which the person attacking came to him and touched his face and spit on them. After that he left Nut on the road and left. Earlier on July 31 in Surrey, California, 50 year old Surjeet Mahli was attacked.