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US approves deployment of 1000 additional troops in West Asia.

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The US said on Monday that keeping in mind the growing tension with Iran, it has allowed the deployment of 1,000 additional troops in West Asia. The US statement has come after recent threat from Iran, in which it said that under the nuclear deal, if the world does not meet its commitments, then it will increase its uranium reserves within 10 days.

US Defense Secretary Patrick said in a statement that soldiers are being sent to combat ‘air, naval, and ground threats in the West Asia’. Patrick said, “Recent Iranian attacks have confirmed intelligence information on the hostile behavior of groups working on Iranian forces and its gestures, which are threatening for American workers and their interests throughout the region.”

They said, ‘America does not want any confrontation with Iran.’ He said, “The goal of deployment is to ensure the safety and welfare of our military personnel working in the entire area and to protect our national interests.” The US had last week blamed Iran for 2 tanker attacks in Oman Bay. Although Tehran dismissed it as a “baseless”. Tensions between the two countries have increased since the US came out of the multinational nuclear deal with Iran. Meanwhile, China warned the US that doing so would have serious consequences.