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The US also warned Russia of threatening the unilateral action on Iran.

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Russia vetoed Monday for the condemnation of the UN’s (UN) condemnation motion. The US has threatened to pursue unilateral action against Iran. At the same time, Russia has also warned that it does not curtail Iran’s black exploits in Yemen.

This proposal was drafted by the UK with the advice of America and France. In Yemen 2015 a fierce war between the US allies Saudi Arabia and Iran continues. Iran where Haiti of Yemen supports the rebels. At the same time, coalition armies under the leadership of Saudi Arabia are fighting against Haoti.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley told the media in the Central American country, Honduras, “If Russia had saved Iran like this and the UN failed to take action against Iran, then the United States, with its allies, Will act. ‘

Haley did not even tell what kind of action America would take? America has been engaged in making Iran more accountable to the UN for the past several months. At the same time, it was also threatening to separate itself from the agreement between Iran and the World Powers in 2015 to curb Iran’s nuclear program. After Russia’s intervention on this issue, the US had to face defeat in the UN.