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Uranium enrichment in Iran: China’s accusation, the result of US democracy move

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Beijing, China accused the United States of creating a bigger global crisis than its anti-monster movements. China apologizes to Iran’s decision to enhance uranium enrichment beyond the borders of the 2015 nuclear deal, and to avoid the crisis, it is necessary to exercise utmost restraint from all sides to avoid the crisis. Explain that China is one of the P5 countries that had a Nuclear deal with Iran in 2015.

China apologized on Iran’s move and criticized America for creating trouble, but avoided giving direct answer to oil import questions. He was asked whether China would import Iranian oil in violation of US sanctions. External Affairs Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told reporters here, “China is sorry about the announcement of Iran to move ahead with its commitments of the nuclear deal.”

Shuang said that the excessive pressure made by the US is the root cause of the current crisis. The US not only came out with the nuclear deal, but also imposed a one-stop ban, which obstructed the implementation of the agreement. He said that due to the one-sided action, there was a big crisis in the world. The international community should be committed to multilateralism and emphasize political and diplomatic solutions under international law.