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Upgrades that degrades the society

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In the 21 century we all use our tech gadgets for easy life like mobile phones for easy communication and entertainment, laptops and computers for fast and better performance, ear pods, and etc. and we all have this social stigma attached with technology that it will help us to upgrade our life’s in better way but not every time that happens, sometimes brilliant minds do know how to manipulate upgrades for their personal crimes and it somehow degrades the society. Here are some of the upgrades that actually degraded the society in bitter ways –

Recently one plus has launched a new smart phone 8 pro with X RAY vision, the smartphone has all the good features of high graphics and ram but the one feature that comes new here is the feature that can actually see through clothes and plastics. Yes! The feature was developed to bring more security for mankind as you can detect any ultraviolet ray within any surfaces, the feature was made with the sense that if someone is trying to hide a camera in any private areas like room and bathroom it can be detected with this feature, but don’t you think that it can be manipulated easily. The feature not only shows the camera but also a clear image of the parts or area underneath, ladies be aware cause one click and they can see you naked without even your consent.

Technology like spy cams can cause cybercrimes, and invasion of you privacy. Back in 2010 cases of hotel room pornography and illegal video making were quite in buzz in cybercrime department, but at the end of the argument the technology was invented to spy on the suspicious humans with criminal backgrounds and yet criminals were the one using the bugs and spy cams for their fun!

Speaking of cybercrimes, hacking is also a part of it, companies like apple has made a contest for hackers to break our firewall and be the next coder in our company but not all hackers hack focus only on apple, they focus on small websites and companies with weak firewalls and confidential information of their employees as well as clients, have you ever notice that if you apply for one academy why every academy in your city calls for admissions? No, cheap hackers hack the database and sell the information to other agencies. Information like your phone number and adhar card details can lead you to bankruptcy. From quite a long time hackers were hacking the information of  companies and selling it to fake BPO and hackers that can actually misuses the information by being fake bank employee or government officer who can fool you and wipe up all your savings in one go.

The technology is not the culprit here but yes the accessibility is, all these crimes will not be committed if the security is little strong or people will not get access to any application, feature, technology, or gadget that can lead to cybercrime. But we cannot do that either, as we cannot let bright minds to hide their talent because some lunatics will misuse it so what’s the solution, the solution is respect privacy and be a good person inside. Crime can only stop if the criminal does! If we keep technology as upgrade then it is an upgrade otherwise it is just a degradation to the society.