Upcycle your old t-shirt. Here’s how to make a bag out of your t-shirt, without stitching

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We can all agree that throwing away your favorite t-shirt is really very difficult. You’re aware it’s old and you’ve outgrown it but you just don’t feel like throwing it away but it also takes up a lot of space. So here’s what to do, upcycle it. By doing this, you can keep your t-shirt with you and you get a new something. That depends on how you upcycle it. It’s fun and creative and highly recommended. So today I’m going to share with you how I upcycled my favorite t-shirt in just 10 minutes without even stitching it! Are you as excited as I am? Let’s go.

• All you need is:

– A pair of scissors
– A t-shirt

• Method:

Step 1) Cut those sleeves off

You can use a short or a long-sleeved t-shirt or even a sleeveless one for that matter. It won’t matter since you will be cutting off the sleeves anyway. So now lay your t-shirt out on a flat work surface. Using a sharp pair of scissors cut the sleeves off of your t-shirt.

Step 2) Cut the neck off

You can use a large bowl and draw around it on your fabric to get a nice rounded scoop shape or just eyeball it and cut the scoop. I just drew a round shape randomly and cut it off.

Step 3) Cut the slits down and tie knots

At the bottom of the shirt cut slits about every inch through both layers (length will depend on the size of the shirt so it’s on you and you will have to make the call) long enough that you will be able to tie them tight twice. Remember the shirt will stretch with weight so try to make sure your tote isn’t going to hang to your feet with filled with your stuff! Keep the slits lined up and starting with one end tie the aligning front and back pieces together in double knots until you have done the entire row. If you don’t want the knots to show you can tie them on the inside for a less fringed look.

Step 4) Tie creative and decorative handles

This is the fourth and final step. This step is completely optional but I chose to cut small strips of extra fabric and tie small knots on the tops of the handles for a more decorative look. You can paint it or stitch buttons, it’s your call.

The tote bag is finally finished and ready to use! Go shopping!!