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UNSC team will come to pakistan about the ban on hafiz saeed.

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Islamabad, Under the increasing pressure of action against the mastermind of Hafiz Saeed and its related organizations of Mumbai terrorist attack on Pakistan, this week will come here to assess compliance with the UN Security Council (UNSC).

The two-day visit of UNSC’s Ban Monitoring Committee will begin on Thursday. According to The Dawn, a senior Pakistani official said, “The monitoring team of the United Nations Security Council 1267 banning committee will be held here on January 25 and 26.”

Saeed and its affiliates have failed to fully implement the sanctions. The United Nations Monitoring Team is visiting it to increase pressure on India by both India and the United States, however, Pakistani officials say this regularly as a regular visit. Saeed was included in the resolution number 1267 of the United Nations Security Council in December 2018.