Universe: There was the presence of dark energy even at the beginning of the universe – research.

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Amidst the confusion of astronomy and cosmology, a big question is how the universe started. Our scientists know a lot about the planets and the origin of life on Earth, but little is known about the universe’s beginning. Astronomers have obtained information about a new phenomenon that can tell about dark energy, the factor behind the universe’s expansion. Scientists have found many clues about dark energy, which can confirm its existence.

Astronomers speculate that this particular type of energy must have been present since the time of the Big Bang event. It must have been 3 million years after that explosion. In a series of studies published in Preprint, researchers have identified this specific energy as dark energy in data from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope in Chile.

Look at the early universe
These figures were collected between the years 2013 and 2016. They can shed light on the early universe. Researchers have also said that this is not conclusive evidence of dark energy, and more research is needed. Researchers believe that early dark energy was not as powerful as today’s dark energy to accelerate the universe’s expansion.

The universe is maybe even older

The researcher also believes that the plasma formed after the Big Bang could have cooled rapidly due to the initial dark energy. Astronomers think that by understanding these telescopes’ observations, information about the 12.4 billion-year-old universe with early dark energy can be obtained. The universe may be 11 percent from 13.8 billion years ago now.

Acceleration of expansion
Colin Hill, the co-author of the ACT paper, told Nature that if this were true if there was dark energy in the early universe, we should see a stronger signal. The universe’s current expansion could be five percent faster than human models are predicting that astronomers are calculating today.

What is dark energy?
Initially, it was believed that the universe was expanding. But astronomers thought that gravity would slow down the speed of this expansion. But observations from the Hubble Telescope showed that this expansion is not slowing down due to gravity but is getting this acceleration; that is, its expansion rate is accelerating. Researchers know that a mysterious force is expanding it, which was later called dark energy.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was the first person to scientifically believe that space is not empty and that there is a possibility that more space can exist. His theory of gravity proposed that space itself has its energy. Since this energy is a property of space itself, it will not become rare when it expands. As more space comes in and more energy will come into it.

According to NASA, we know how much dark energy is because we know how it affects the expansion of the universe. Plus, it’s a complete mystery. NASA says that about 68 percent of the universe is dark energy. Dark matter is about 27 percent. After that, everything else, the entire Earth, the Sun, and other visible objects of the universe, are made of ordinary matter, which is 5 percent of the universe.