Universe: Know about the common but strange happenings in outer space

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Many mysteries of the Universe are being inaugurated every day. In this, strange objects, events, and processes surprise people and scientists. There is an abundance of electromagnetic forces in space, which we humans cannot even feel. Apart from this, such substances are also abundant in it, which we cannot experience on Earth. Come, let’s talk about many such unique things which are very strange for us but are not unusual in space.

Usually, the solid, kind and gaseous states are considered the normal states of matter. Apart from this, plasma is also a state that can be achieved very difficultly. But 99.9 per cent of the matter in space is in the plasma state, consisting of free ions and electrons. That is, the matter in it is in a highly charged state. Plasma is found in all-stars. It is a good conductor of electricity and heat. It is affected by magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Solar winds spread in the solar system only in the form of plasma.

We cannot tolerate very high or shallow temperatures on Earth, and we cannot make the temperature too high or low even in laboratories. The maximum temperature remains around 500 degrees only on planets like Mercury and Venus. At the same time, the minimum temperature is less than -160. When NASA’s Parker Solar Probe reaches near the Sun, it will face a temperature difference of two thousand degrees. At the same time, the temperature of stars like the Sun is more than five thousand degrees Celsius. It doesn’t take long to get to extreme temperatures in space.

Not all elements are found on Earth. And most of those that are found cannot be made on Earth. Even most substances that support life are made in space outside Earth. First, there was only hydrogen in the Universe. Conditions were created to form helium, and elements like iron, carbon, phosphorus, oxygen and other lighter elements were also included in the stars. The need for heavy metals was created during events like supernova explosions. Apart from this, stars work as a factory of light. In this way, space can be called a kind of Cosmic Alchemy.

Usually, we do not feel the magnetic effect much. But the Earth’s magnetic field plays a vital role in stopping the charged particles through the solar wind. Due to the collision of these particles and the magnetic field, phenomena like auroras are visible in the skies of the poles. Magnetic fields collide at many places in the Universe, so magnetic explosions are seen in many situations. The magnetic effect is more visible in the solar flame, the area near the black hole and near the stars.

Contact is necessary for the transfer of energy to Earth. But particles in space can transfer energy even without touch. These transfers take place through a structure that is not visible, which is called Supersonic Shocks. Energy in these structures is transferred through plasma waves, electric and magnetic fields. Shock waves are created by the acceleration of objects at supersonic speeds. Apart from this, they are also formed in the solar wind, supernova cloud, etc.