North Korea,Ban on North Korea

The United Nations Security Council has strict sanctions imposed on North Korea.

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The United Nations Security Council on Friday unilaterally banned economic sanctions on North Korea’s missile test. In view of these new restrictions, the export of fuel supply and petroleum products to North Korea has been reduced drastically. This proposal against North Korea was offered by the US, which supported many countries including North Korea’s supporting country China.

These new restrictions are even more stringent than the restrictions imposed last month. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “This proposal will increase pressure on North Korea, this time the restrictions have been tightened compared to last time.” Hey said appreciating China’s cooperation on the proposal, “I would like to express gratitude especially to our colleagues of China, who worked with us on this.”

China’s vouching in support of these new and stringent restrictions shows that it will have a direct impact on North Korean dictator Kim Jong and China is looking at the global threat from North Korea’s nuclear and missile weapons. China’s envoy Wu Hetao said that the situation was going out of control and the threat was rising.