Unite to Fight Corona – An initiative by PM Narendra Modi

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COVID-19 has emerged as one of the most dangerous diseases of all time. As per the researches conducted the most possible way to stop this disease to spread is either to use a vaccine that has not been developed yet or to maintain distance and opt safety measures as much as possible.

Keeping in mind this and other things regarding COVID-19, today, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has started a public driven initiative known as Unite2FightCorona. As per PM Narendra Modi, COVID-19 can be fought only if each and every person of India is against COVID-19 and is trying his or her best to opt for safety measures. He said that everyone should unite to fight against COVID-19 as it is “people-driven”.

Prime Minister said that the fight that we as a citizen are having against COVID-19 gets strength from its COVID warriors and we together must follow this same and we also as a citizen should play our role as a COVID warrior.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted on Twitter, “India`s COVID-19 fight is people-driven and gets great strength from our COVID warriors. Our collective efforts have helped saved many lives. We have to continue the momentum and protect our citizens from the virus. #Unite2FightCorona.”

He urged the citizens of India to remember all the safety measures like wearing a mask, wash hands, and practicing ‘Do Gaj Ki Doori`to win from COVID-19 as soon as possible.

Adding to his first tweet against COVID-19 he added, “Let us #Unite2FightCorona! Let us always remember: Wear a mask. Wash hands. Follow social distancing. Practice `Do Gaj Ki Doori.` Together, we will succeed. Together, we will win against COVID-19.”

Prior to today, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare tweeted that India’s COVID-19 recuperations have seen a lofty exponential ascent from 50,000 in May to more than 57 lakh in October.

“IndiaFightsCorona India’s #COVID Recoveries have seen a lofty exponential ascent – from 50,000 in May to more than 57 lakh in October. An elevated level of in excess of 75,000 recuperations revealed each day. Recuperations are 6.3 occasions the Active Cases (presently just 13.4% of absolute cases),” the Ministry tweeted.