Unique Love Story

Unique Love Story: The bride of 82 and the groom of 36, this is how the unique love story started

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Unique Love Story: Love neither sees the age limit nor does it have an ending feeling in front of any restrictions and fear of society. When you are in love with someone, your eyes have no one other than that person. Neither his appearance nor any evil in him seems terrible to you. Age doesn’t matter either. You must have heard many such cases of love before, in which you may have found the pair mismatch at a glance. But their love match will be beyond all this. One such love has again become a topic of discussion for the world.

An 82-year-old woman fell in love with a 36-year-old man. Their love blossomed, and both decided to get married. It was not easy for these two lovers to take their love to the destination of marriage. But he faced every challenge. Heard the taunts of society. They got married, but how is this mismatched couple spending their married life? This is also something to know. So let’s know about the unique love story of an 82-year-old bride and 36-year-old groom and the obstacles between marriage.

Iris and Mohamed’s Unique love story

When a couple tied the knot in Britain, it became headlines in the whole society. Actually, Mohammed Ibrahim, a resident of Egypt, has married a British woman. Both were living separately after marriage due to non-receipt of visa to Mohammad. But in November, when Mohamed got a visa, he went to his wife, Iris Jones. However, the union of both of them became a wonderful thing for the world. Mohammed is 36 years old, and his wife Iris is an 82-year-old pensioner elderly woman.

Stayed away in lockdown

Due to the lockdown and visa not being able to meet each other, both had to face many problems. They had no other way but to talk to each other on the phone, to text. But as soon as Mohamed got the visa and told Iris about it, she started crying with joy. The same was the case with Mohammad.

Both had to listen to the taunts of the society

There is a difference of 45 years in age between this beautiful love of both. Because of this, both had to face public reactions and criticism regarding their relationship. In a way, Mohammed gets taunted that he is with Iris in some greed, while Iris is taunted by people to love in old age. But Mohammad himself is a businessman. He has his own bungalow. Both believe that they are not together for any greed or to take advantage of each other, but because of love.

Celebration of Christmas together

Both are happy that Iris and Mohamed will be together for Christmas this year. Iris feared that her son, relative or friend might not meet her at the festival. He had to be alone on Christmas. But now Mohammed is with them. Both will celebrate the festival together.