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UN Secretary-General Guterres Look at India, Pakistan Boundary Status.

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is looking at the Indo-Pak border situation. India and Pakistan have been firing on both sides of the border. Secretary General, Stephen said that Gutters are encouraging both countries to negotiate a solution to this problem. On the questioning of the UN in the briefing of the United Nations on these incidents from stephen on Monday, he said, “We are aware of this. We are keeping an eye on what is happening in the past 10 days. General Secretary Guterres are reinforcing the two sides to resolve these issues through discussion.

When a reporter asked him why Guterres is not involved in an attempt to solve this crisis? In response, Stephen said that Guterres’s office is available for this, but when the United Nations joins it, everyone needs to agree. India does not want any third party interference with its issues with Pakistan and believes that according to the 1972 Shimla Agreement between former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and then President Bhutto of Pakistan, Kashmir problem is a bilateral problem and both countries Should deal with it directly.

According to Indian officials, in the last few days, 12 people were killed in Pakistan firing. In the latest attack on Sunday, a local citizen had to go to his death. In these attacks, three soldiers of the security forces were martyred, out of which two were associated with Border Security Force (BSF). Pakistani Rangers and Terrorists are also stacked in these attacks.