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UN decided new boundations for North Korea.

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North Korea has termed the latest restrictions imposed by the United Nations on ‘war like teasing’.

The official news agency KCNA has said in reference to the North Korean Foreign Ministry that through these sanctions, efforts are being made to break the country financially.

The agency said that according to the statement of the government, North Korea is desperate to increase its power.

In response to North Korea’s ballistic missile test on Friday, the United Nations Security Council had imposed new and stringent restrictions on it.

All 15 members of the Security Council have endorsed the American proposal. Under these restrictions, North Korea’s petroleum imports will be reduced to 90 percent.

What does North Korea say?

North Korea has called the United Nations refraining the latest sanctions and said, “It is a violation of the sovereignty of our Republic such as violent violation and war, which destroys the Korean Peninsula and a broad area of ​​peace and stability.”

“America is terribly scared of the great and historical achievement of fulfilling the nuclear power of our country. It is becoming more and more disturbed and it is up to us to make the most pressing restrictions on us so far. Used to be.”

“We will further strengthen our self-protecting nuclear power so that we can eliminate the risk of nuclear attack, blackmail and hostile actions from the United States and make a practical balance with the United States.”

The US says that he wanted a diplomatic solution in this matter, but according to the latest restrictions he has prepared-

Limit of import of petrol products has been increased to five lakh barrels and crude oil in the year to 40 million barrels per year. In the earlier restrictions, the export of petroleum products to North Korea was cut by 55 percent. It has increased it with fresh restrictions.

All North Korean nationals working abroad will have to return to their country within 24 months. And in this way foreign currency has also been banned.
Export of goods such as machinery and electrical equipment from North Korean will be banned.

Nuclear attack
North Korea has already banned the United States, EU and the United Nations.

On November 28, North Korea tested ballistic missile, after which the restrictions imposed by the US were the most stringent restrictions so far.

Earlier, US president Donald Trump had said that in the event of a nuclear attack, he would “completely destroy” North Korea.

North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-he had compared the comments of the American President to ‘barking a dog’ and said ‘I will certainly try to foster an ambitious American old age of playing with a mentally retarded fire’.