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UK visa rules change will hurt Indian students but the professionals will have the advantage.

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London, The UK government has shocked Indian students by separating India from the list prepared for easing the visa application process on Friday, but preparations for change in its immigration policy will benefit professions such as India. Indeed, Britain has changed its immigration policy and introduced it to Parliament. These changes include reviewing the stringent visa quota rules for highly trained professionals in countries like India.

The change can get rid of the controversial fixed limit issuing 20 thousand 700 visas annually. Between December 2017 and March 2018, about 1000 tech professionals who got job offers were not granted visas.

The UK’s initiative has appreciated the industries of India and the UK. With the change in immigration policy, it will be easier to bring the professionals from countries such as India to serve them, and with this, the Indian IT industry will also benefit greatly.

UK Immigration Minister Caroline said, “With these changes today we will be able to meet the demands of our frontline services and will also attract good professionals for our industries.” Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Ficci President Rashesh Shah said, “The Tier to Visa category is easy for the British Government between the old demands of Indian Professionals. The step to make is a welcome event. This move of the UK Government will certainly facilitate the arrival of highly skilled professionals and will enhance the overall competitiveness of the UK industry for a long time.

Given the lack of doctors and nurses in the UK and the difficulties in national health services, the government had already announced that the doctors and nurses from countries outside the European Union would be exempt from Tier-II visa. The Chief Policy Director of the Confederation of British Industry, Mathew Fell said, “The industry will welcome these reforms as it is a good step. International Skills and Talent is the mainstay of UK’s global employers.

He said, “A successful immigration system should focus on people who contribute to UK society and the economy here, not on the numbers. Unless the immigration system improves, the industry and the business world will continue to struggle to create jobs and increase the number of people needed to come here.

Relief for the professionals but the frustration for the students
Regardless of the changes in Britain’s immigration policy, there is an atmosphere of happiness between the professionals but this is not good for Indian students. The UK’s Home Ministry announced the relaxation in the Tier-IV visa category for students from around 25 countries. Countries like America, Canada and New Zealand were already included in this list. The Home Ministry has now included countries like China, Bahrain and Serbia in these countries. Students of these countries will have to undergo less scrutiny on standards like education, finance and English language for admission to UK universities. India has not been included in the new list. This means that Indian students applying for similar courses will have to go through strict scrutiny and documentary process.