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UK separates India from list of countries with easy visa rules for students.

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London, The UK government has separated Indian students from the new list designed to simplify the visa application process in the universities of the country. This move of the government is being criticized very much. Changes to the country’s immigration policy policy were introduced in Parliament yesterday. The UK’s Home Ministry announced the relaxation in the Tier-IV visa category for students from around 25 countries.

Countries like America, Canada and New Zealand were already included in this list. The Home Ministry has now included countries like China, Bahrain and Serbia in these countries. Students of these countries will have to undergo less scrutiny on standards like education, finance and English language for admission to UK universities.

This change will come into effect from July 6 and aims at facilitating international students to study in the UK. However, India has not been included in the new list. This means that Indian students applying for similar courses will have to go through strict scrutiny and documentary process. Lord Karan Bilimoria, President of the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), has described the government’s move as an “insult” of India. He said that this is another example of Britain’s economic illiteracy and adverse attitude towards the immigrants.

Bilimoria said, “These rules are directly insulting India and this government has taken it wrongly.” While the UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid has praised the government for its new policies. The UK’s National Indian Students and Alumni Union has also expressed resentment over these decisions. The union says it is not justified for Indian students. Indian students will be treated differently from China or other countries.