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UAE: Indian won 13 million rupees in jackpot.

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Dubai, In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an Indian has won a lottery of $ 1 million (13,05,20,500 Rupees). According to media reports, Tojo Mathew (30), who is now serving as a civil supervisor in Dhabi, won the jackpot when he decided to leave the UAE. They bought a lottery ticket at the Abu Dhabi airport before going to India.

He told to Khaleej Times, “I had bought a ticket on June 24 before taking a flight to India. I was leaving to Dubai and go to my wife, who got a job in Delhi. I am not yet believing that I have won”.

Mathew said that he has a dream to take home in Kerala. Mathew and his friends got information when they checked the Big Ticket website. Let us know that before this, another Indian driver also won big money in the jackpot.