Twitter trending the hashtag ‘Boycott Amazon’ due to merchandise portraying the Indian flag

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Twitter trending the hashtag ‘Boycott Amazon’: Before Republic Day, e-commerce company Amazon was chastised by a portion of Indian social media users after discovering that some of its products were offered in packaging displaying the Indian tricolor. Under the hashtag #Amazon_Insults_National_Flag, Twitter users submitted numerous things bearing the national flag, such as coffee mugs, key chains, and t-shirts and called for a boycott of the international e-tailer.

Netizens also claimed that the American multinational breached the Flag Code of India, 2002, and disrespected the Indian flag.

“The Flag shall not be utilized as a part of any costume or outfit of any sort,” the rule states. Cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, and boxes may not be embroidered or printed with it.” Some users speculated that Amazon used this as a marketing ploy to boost sales. It’s worth noting that Amazon held a Republic Day discount last week.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has been accused of something similar. The company was chastised in 2019 for selling toilet seat covers and doormats with Hindu religious icons printed on them.

A doormat imprinted with the National Flag was featured on Amazon’s Canadian website in 2017, prompting a boycott movement. The Indian government had asked the US and Canadian embassies to address the issue with Amazon at the time. Later, these products were withdrawn off the platform.