Twitter Live Cricket Scorecard launched!

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In India, cricket has a huge following. Like a religion, supporters watch reruns of previous matches with the same fervor they did when they first watched the contest live on the internet. This can be deduced from the fact that over 75 million tweets were exchanged on cricket in the United States between July 1 and July 1, 2020. In India, Twitter has released a new tool that makes it easier for cricket fans to follow a match minute-by-minute. Twitter Live Cricket Scorecard is a new feature of the messaging app currently being tested in India.

As Twitter India said, this new tool would allow Indian cricket fans access to a scorecard that will keep them up to date on the latest scores from a currently playing cricket match. According to Twitter India, the scoreboard will appear on the Explore tab and live Events Page during a game. While scrolling through Tweets, fans will be able to keep up with the latest match results in real-time. As a result, when sports fans are conversing live on Twitter during a game, they won’t have to look up the score elsewhere.

Twitter India’s official Twitter page also made the announcement about the new functionality. The #CricketTwitter community has heard you, and we’re here to help. Live cricket scorecards are now available, so you won’t miss any of the excitement. Twitter India announced the addition of live cricket scores in a blog post that featured a short video promoting the feature.

When it comes to accessibility, Twitter India’s Live Cricket Scorecard will be accessible on iOS and the Web for everyone in India and most Android users.

There are other Twitter-related functions as well. Twitter announced that it is also testing its first Community outside of the US dedicated to Indian cricket fans to make the experience even better for Cricket lovers on its platform. Cricket Twitter – India is a group for Indian cricket fans who want to communicate in numerous Indian languages.

It’s important to note that Twitter Communities are similar to Facebook Groups in that they allow members to debate a specific topic. Community testing on Twitter began in September of this year in the United States. At this time, it can only be accessed by invitation on iOS, Web, and Android mobile browsers. On the other hand, Direct Messages allow anyone in the world to be asked to join a Community.

The people who run Twitter’s communities are known as moderators. They enforce Community rules and ensure that conversations remain educational, relevant, and entertaining. Members of a community who accept an invitation to join will have the ability to invite other people to join as well. Instead of tweeting to your whole following, you can send a single message to a specific group of people when you enter a Community. As long as you’re a member of the same Community to reply, you’ll only be able to contribute if you’re also part of the conversation. Anyone can read, Quote, and report Community Tweets, just like public ones.