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Tv anchor commits suicide because her boyfriend refused to marry her.


On the 28th of May 2020, a 29-year-old television anchor allegedly committed suicide after her boyfriend refused to marry her.
Chandana V K took a video of herself explaining why she had to take the extreme step, right before committing suicide. In the selfie video, Chandana blames her boyfriend Dinesh for her decision. As per the preliminary investigation, Chandana consumed poison right after making the video.

The Saddagunte Palya police have taken up the case as ‘abatement to suicide’ against Dinesh and his family members, including his father Lokappa Gowda, mother Gayatri, sister Shyla and uncle Swamy also known as Dayananda. The police have formed a team to nab the accused who is now absconding.

Chandana, who also used to appear in various advertisements, was a resident of Krishnamurthy layout in Tavarekere. She hailed from Belur in the Hassan district.

In the selfie video clip addressed to the accused; Dinesh, she says- “You said if I die, it is good for you. So, I am ending my life and you are the reason for it Dinesh.” She sent the clip to Dinesh, his parents, her parents, and all her friends on the 28th of May at around 2:30 pm.

On receiving the video, Chandana’s parents contacted her neighbors and asked them to go and check on her. They immediately took her to a private hospital nearby where she died undergoing surgery on the 30th of May 2020.

In the police complaint filed against Dinesh and his family, Chandana’s father confirmed that Chandana and Dinesh were in a relationship for the past five years. Both the families were very well aware of their relationship. Dinesh allegedly had promised Chandana that he’d marry her but asked her family to initiate the talks of marriage with his family. He also took 5 lakhs from Chandana. It seems he ‘used’ her in every way possible. Later, he started avoiding her. It has been alleged that when Chandana and her family went to Dinesh’s house to talk about their marriage, they were ill-treated and Chandana’s character was questioned by Dinesh’s parents. They also told her family that they would get Dinesh to marry someone else which caused Chandana to take such a drastic step and end her life. The police investigations are still on and the hunt for Dinesh and his family members is still going on.