Tsai Ing-wen re-elected President in Taiwan, Said – No talks on a merger with China.

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Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has started his second term with a record rating amid rising tensions with China. During this time he has also offered to negotiate with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the basis of co-existence. Explain that China always considers Taiwan as its integral part, while Taiwan always describes itself as a separate country.

No talks on the issue of one country-two system
During a parade held at the beginning of her second term in Taipei, 63-year-old President Tsai Ing-wen said she could negotiate with China but not on the issue of one country-two system. During Tsai’s first term, China ended all ties with Taiwan. Apart from this, the Chinese government has also threatened military action in Taiwan several times.

Appeal to improve relations with China
The Taiwanese president said that the relationship between China and Taiwan had reached a historic juncture. It is the duty of both parties to find a way of long-term coexistence and prevent hostilities or differences from escalating. She said that I hope that the leadership of China will take responsibility and work together to enhance the long-term development of relations between the two countries.

Opposition to integration
Tsai called for peace, equality, democracy, and dialogue in relations between China and Taiwan. She also reiterated his opposition to the integration with China under two systems, a country like Hong Kong. He also promised to build 5G, the main industries in the country including biotechnology, medicine, defense, and renewable energy.

Why is there tension in China and Taiwan
In 1949, the Communist Party led by Mao Zedong overthrew the Kuomintang government led by Chiang Kai-shek. After which Chiang Kai-shek entered the island of Taiwan and formed his government. The Communist Party did not have a strong navy at that time. So they did not take control of the island by crossing the sea. Since then Taiwan considers itself the Republic of China.

China considers Taiwan is its part
China considers Taiwan an integral part. The Chinese Communist Party has also been emphasizing the use of the military for this. Taiwan also has its own army. Which also has the support of America. However, relations with China have deteriorated ever since the Democratic Progressive Party came to power in Taiwan.