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Trying to rein in nuclear programs, the US has also made preparations to attack North Korea.

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Washington, US diplomatic efforts are being made to curb North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. Meanwhile, the news is that the US military has conducted a secret military exercise last week. Through this, it was tried to test how the US troops would be dispatched and how to attack if there was wars in the Korean Peninsula. It is being told that in the event of diplomatic efforts failing, the Trump Administration has prepared a master plan to destroy North Korea.

During the maneuvers, it was focused on how to avoid the loss of North Korean army during the American operation. One of these was the limited capacity of the Pentagon to remove injured soldiers daily from the Korean Peninsula. This can be a major problem for America. Actually, the fear is that if North Korea responds to American action with chemical weapons, then circumstances can be reversed.

According to a report published in the New York Times, more than 6 military and Defense Department officials, who feared this practice, expressed this apprehension. According to officials, a large number of reconnaissance aircraft are ready to be sent to the Pacific region from the Middle East and Africa to help the American troops landing in North Korea.

Planners have also tested how American soldiers deployed in South Korea and Japan can join in this war. However, despite these preparations, the Pentagon officials say that we have not decided to wage war. Significantly, US President Donald Trump has clearly said that North Korea will have to rein in its nuclear ambitions.

Defense Secretary Jim Matiss has said that it would be very destructive if North Korea fought with war. He and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunnford, have said that diplomacy methods are currently being used to solve the issue of Pyeongyang’s nuclear program.

The commanders involved in this exercise in Hawaei have said that at least 10 thousand Americans may be injured in the early days of the war. Generals have feared that thousands of civilians can die in the number of thousands of times during the war. General Miley said that during the exercise, it was estimated that a large number of people will die in the war. He said that the destruction of the catastrophe would be such that no surviving soldier would have experienced before.