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Trump’s travel ban: how will the work and who will impact.

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Washington, President Donald Trump’s travel ban came into effect last December. The lower courts had termed the decision of the Trump administration as unconstitutional, but recently the U.S. Supreme Court justified travel bans. We tell you, what is this banner, and what is the biggest impact on it?

What is a ban?
Under the travel ban of the Trump Administration, the process of issuing migrant and Non-migratory visas for people of Muslim-majority countries like Libya, Iran, Somalia, Syria and Yemen has been postponed indefinitely. There are also North Korea and Venezuela within the travel bans.

How many people will have impact?
According to groups working in the interests of migrants, the number of people affected by travel bans can be more than 13.5 million. Most of these are citizens of Muslim majority countries, and the decision will be affected by Iran’s highest number of 8 million people.

Is it banned on Muslims, as critics say?
Not according to the court. Due to the exemption of some people and bringing North Korea-Venezuela under this decision, it can not be considered as a ban on Muslims. Critics say that the number of potential migrants coming to North America from North Korea and Venezuela is not equal. In the case of Venezuela, this order applies only to a handful of officers and their families. On the other hand, North Korea allows very few citizens to go to America.

Which country is having the biggest impact?
Based on population, Iran is most affected. Even if there is a long history of stressful relations between Iran and the United States, and it has worsened even during the Trump administration, but thousands of Iranian students go to the US to study. According to some estimates, it will affect about 10 million Iranian-Americans. Some of these relatives live in Iran, which may no longer be able to come to the United States or get away from here.

What will happen to the students of the Ban?
In order to give some exemptions on student visas, this does not mean that students will be able to get a visa. To get a visa, they will have to face a very strict scrutiny process, which may take months to complete their application.

Even if they get a visa, students can also be interrogated by stopping them on the border, even if Customs and Border security officers are suspected of their intentions.

Kevin R. Johnson, Dean of the School of Law of the University of California says that in the case of Iran, there are indications that many students who accepted America’s offers are now looking for somewhere else.

National Iranian American Council President Trita Parsi said, “The problem is that the students know that even if they read here, they will not be allowed to work in America. So most of the students are not wanting to come here. “