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Trump’s top economic adviser Gary cohn resigned.

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Washington, Gary Cohn, Chief Economic Advisor of US President Donald Trump and Former Goldman Sachs Executive Officer, resigned from the post on Tuesday. He resigned from White House, expressing disagreement with the plan to impose import duty on steel and aluminum.

“It is a matter of honor for me to serve the country and the policies that benefit the economy have benefited the United States, especially the historical tax reform,” the news agency Efe said in reference to Con. I am thankful to President Trump that he gave me this opportunity. I wish them luck for the future. ‘

Gary’s resignation will be effective from next week. According to Trump’s statement released from the White House, “Gary has been my chief financial adviser and has done a great job of doing tax deduction and reforms.” Trump said, “A talented person like him does not get easily. I express my gratitude to the American people for their devotion to their work. ‘