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Trump’s Space Force: Chinese Experts warned, new types of weapons will start making.

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The United States has announced to create space force by 2020. This will be America’s sixth military service and it is believed to be an important part of US President Donald Trump’s 2020 recampaign. China’s experts have expressed concern about this announcement of the US. According to him, this move will start a new race of space-specific weapons. Although he reminded the US-Russia rivalry, he also advised China to join such a race.

Let us tell you that the US Vice-President, Pence, announced the creation of a US space force during a speech in the Pentagon last week. He said that President Trump believes that America should also give reasonable answer to the challenges found in space. America has openly named Russia and China as challenges. Overall, America is building a new army of new battlegrounds, where she wants to be on top.

By the way, there are many challenges ahead of the Trump administration’s decision. However, Chinese experts have started to anticipate this. Wong Yan, deputy editor of Aerospace Knowledge Magazine, told Global Times that US President Ronald Reagan had planned ‘Star Wars’, but it could never be implemented. He said that but Trump has the resources to pursue the idea of ​​the Space Force.

In 1983, Reagan had planned a strategic defense in space. It was known as ‘Star Wars’. Wong said that the US has achieved tremendous success in the research of Space Technology, including hyperSonic Weekly and Advanced Laser Transmitters. He said that America will also start preparing for war strategies in space.

Li Lee, a professor at the Institute of International Relations at China Foreign Affairs University, says that Trump wants to bring Space’s plan because some of his supporters are from the US military. This can increase their political popularity too. Lee told Global Times that America wants to achieve supremacy in space under its traditional security strategy.

China, Russia advised not to follow America
If America wants to launch the Space Arms race with China and Russia, then both of these countries will not do this. The advice of experts is similar. Li said that China focuses on economic development, national stability and the level of life of people. He said that we learned a lot from weapons and ammunition between US and Soviet Union.

Although he also said that Russia and the military of China have mastered the space in recent years, but they are still behind the United States. Li said that China’s spending in this area is less than the US. At the same time, this plan of America is not going to make any changes to China’s strategy of space. However, he said that the US Space Force would draw attention to the world’s second powers and a raging rivalry might start.